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Meet the companies behind the brand 

Not Going To Uni showcases the alternatives to the standard university route, to school and college leavers. The company is built on supporting young people in finding future careers, and they believe in educating students on all post-16/18 routes, ensuring everyone has the knowledge to understand all options available to them.


Not Going To Uni work with a variety of Enterprise Employers, Training Providers, FE colleges, Gap Year Providers and SMEs, advertising their early careers vacancies to their audience.


They are on a mission to change the way that young people engage with brands and discover their future careers through the help of schools, colleges, careers advisors, their team of ambassadors, strategic partners and clients.

Gen Z Talks aim to provide young people from a diverse range of backgrounds with unique career development opportunities, to be able to land their dream job, whilst empowering the working world with their new ideas, perspectives and entrepreneurial mindset.

They are bridging the gap between education and the world of work for Gen Z and other generations, through powerful intergenerational programs, including Hackathons, Reverse Mentoring, bootcamps and more.

Gen Z Talks are also creating unique networking career events and content which aims to increase the confidence in young people and close the skill gaps which were both affected as a result of the pandemic and beyond.

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