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Discover 'Apprenticast'

Meet Ethan Woolosgrove, a full time Digital Marketing Executive at Accolade Wines and the founder and host of Apprenticast! Find out more about Ethan's journey as a young founder below.

In October 2022, I embarked on an exciting entrepreneurial venture, founding 'Apprenticast' - a podcast designed by an apprentice, for apprentices. As a young founder, my goal was to create a platform where apprentices could share their unique experiences, challenges, and triumphs, while also serving as a valuable resource for prospective apprentices seeking real-life insights into the world of apprenticeships. Along this incredible journey, I've learned valuable lessons that have shaped both my personal growth and my evolution as a young entrepreneur.

The Inspiration Behind 'Apprenticast'

The idea for 'Apprenticast' was born out of my own experience as an apprentice. I realized that there was a lack of readily available information about apprenticeships, making the process feel daunting and ambiguous for those interested. This lack of information inspired me to bridge the gap by providing a platform that allowed current apprentices to voice their stories and wisdom. By creating a podcast, I aimed to showcase the diversity of experiences and the countless opportunities that apprenticeships offer.

Embracing the Challenges

As a young founder, I quickly learned that entrepreneurship is not a smooth ride. It comes with its share of challenges and hurdles that require patience, resilience, and a strong sense of determination. From keeping consistent with uploads, finding sufficient guests, and developing the podcast to a point where it can be monetised, each step demanded unwavering dedication. However, I embraced these challenges as opportunities for growth, never losing sight of my vision for 'Apprenticast.' After facing challenges in monetising the show, I knew that in order to cover my costs of setting up the show, I would have to diversify. I developed a mentoring plan to help prospective apprentices when completing their applications, based off my real-life struggles.

Building a Supportive Community

One of the most valuable aspects of my journey was the realization that I didn't have to navigate the entrepreneurial world alone. Connecting with like-minded individuals and mentors within the entrepreneurial community provided me with priceless advice and encouragement. Networking events and online forums became my safe haven to seek guidance, share experiences, and learn from those who had walked the path before me.

Empowering Apprentices through Storytelling

The heart of 'Apprenticast' lies in the power of storytelling. I learned that each apprentice's journey is unique, filled with invaluable insights that can empower and inspire others. By providing a platform for apprentices to share their experiences openly and candidly, we fostered a sense of community and support within the apprenticeship landscape. The

podcast a space for those who were uncertain about their career path, reassuring them that they weren't alone in their pursuits.

Balancing Passion and Professionalism

As a young entrepreneur, it's easy to get carried away by passion, but I quickly discovered the importance of balancing it with professionalism. While my enthusiasm fuelled the project's inception, I also recognized that discipline, organization, and a structured approach were essential to ensure its sustainability and growth. By maintaining this balance, 'Apprenticast' flourished, and our audience grew steadily. This is something I still struggle with occasionally, but by building healthy habits and micromanaging my time, I have been able to keep a steady workflow both in my 9-5 and side hustle careers.

Learning from Feedback

Feedback is a gift, and I learned to embrace it with an open mind. As 'Apprenticast' gained traction, we received feedback from both listeners and guests, allowing us to identify areas of improvement and adapt our content accordingly. Constructive criticism became a driving force for innovation, enabling us to fine-tune the podcast's format and deliver even more value to our audience.

Navigating the Digital Landscape

In the digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial. Learning to leverage social media platforms, creating engaging content, and optimizing our website for user experience were all essential aspects of building a robust online presence for 'Apprenticast.' These efforts not only expanded our reach but also allowed us to connect with a larger audience of apprentices and aspiring apprentices. I was able to draw on the learnings from my apprenticeship (which was in Digital Marketing) to help me in this aspect.

My journey as a young founder of 'Apprenticast' has been an exhilarating and transformative experience. From the initial idea to building a supportive community and embracing the challenges of entrepreneurship, I've grown both personally and professionally. Through the power of storytelling and genuine connections, we've empowered apprentices, offering them a resource to navigate their career paths with confidence.



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