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An introduction to ElleMédia Global

It’s important to ensure you are working towards the future that you desire and that every single bit of work you are committed to is to: better yourself, benefit your future self and to create an impact. This can come in many different forms, angles and perspectives but the main focus is to ensure you are aligning your work to your values, goals and future.

So, who am I? I’m Keira Todd, a nineteen year old girl who’s obsessed with being a teenager and living life to the fullest, whilst also creating a magnificent future for myself. This can look different every day, but I aim to approach each day with an open mind, trust, and determination.

I’m the Marketing Director of ElleMédia Global - my side hustle! ElleMédia Global is a Content Marketing Agency, specialising in services such as: Social Media Management, Content Creation, Marketing Campaigns and Content Writing. Our passion is creating engaging content that resonates with our client’s target audience. At ElleMédia Global, we are dedicated to producing high-quality content that engages, empowers and embodies our clients values & needs to our core.

My best friend and colleague, Ella, and I decided that we wanted to create something so extraordinary. We wanted our vision to come to life which entailed creativity, travelling, property, lifestyle, fashion and beauty. We wanted a project on top of our full time work that we could devote our time and efforts to and build from scratch.

My full time role is a Procurement Lead, working for a recruitment company. During my day-to-day I can attend to projects, meetings, inboxing and events. The Procurement department sits under the department of Purchasing and Payables, which sits under Finance and our main focuses are: Business Travel, Purchase Order Management, Courier Nanagement, Supplier Sourcing & Management, Contracts and additional ad hoc items. On top of my full time role, I am also a member of the Inclusion and Diversity & also the CSR committee. This includes organising & creating events, supporting people within the business, liaising with charities, managing events and promoting & marketing events. On top of this, I complete various writing tasks, features and the occasional editing. I am also a Women’s Network Chair for a Women’s Network Community Hub, an ambassador for Not Going To Uni, a content creator for a company and much more! It's safe to say I enjoy being busy!

Time to time, I can face the stress of taking on additional tasks; however, I am passionate about each activity I run, each article I write, each charity fundraising event I lead and the educational system as a whole. With this in mind, none of the above tasks feel like ‘strict’ jobs for me as I complete these under my own will and satisfaction.

This leads me to my original point, ‘ensure you are working towards the future that you desire and that every single bit of work you are committed to is to: better yourself, benefit your future self and to create an impact’. For me, ElleMédia Global is this. I can’t wait for ElleMédia Global’s continued journey and I love that I am the dictator of its success.

In terms of managing workload, I always ensure I make time for myself, whether this is simply taking a walk on my lunch or enjoying a spa day, whatever I feel my mind and body needs at each precise moment, I listen to it. This benefits me as I have clearer thoughts, impressive ideas and a high sense of motivation due to the fact I take those frequent moments to reflect on myself.

My advice for anyone wanting to start a side hustle is to simply, just start. Embarking on a side hustle can be challenging in many ways but making a start and a move in the right direction is always one step closer to not starting at all or making these efforts. Also, don’t be afraid to not know everything, curiosity is a strength and you will never stop learning.



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